What if a Paladin and Crusader runs into each other?

  • Correct me if I am wrong, but here's what I am aware of.

    Paladins have been under the influence of Mephisto (though majority of Pallies are still good folks) for many years. Crusaders are aware of that, and left the order to seek a way to purify Zakarium and rid the world of demonic influence.

    While Paladins would actively recruit and meddle in everyday mortal affairs, Crusaders tend to work solo or with an apprentice, and mind their own business.

    Crusaders are also considered "elite paladins".

    So what if a Paladin and Crusader runs into each other?
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    So what if a Paladin and Crusader runs into each other?

    Hm, a curious question. I think it would be a rather one-sided encounter in terms of interest. The Crusaders are a relatively secret sect, and not much is known about them. I think a Paladin would show less interest in a Crusader, viewing him only as a fellow devout worshiper of the Zakarum. The Crusader might have a more distrustful perspective, viewing any Paladin as "tainted" given that their quest is to purge all darkness from the Zakarum.

    They've also been fairly disassociated from current events in the church since the era of Rakkis over two hundred years ago, when they were formed.

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    We'll see how they will interact but it can be assumed that probably the leader of Paladins is the boss of Crusaders aswell.

    Remember that Crusaders are loosely organized, and they follow a calling rather than a commander. Crusaders were quite deliberately formed as a separate entity from Paladins, for fear of carrying over corruption into their new sacred duty, so what they share does not stretch much further than their faith.
  • Here's a post where I speak of the various incarnations and existing factions of holy warriors (note, the monks aren't included for the moment).


    This is a very insightful thread! You hit on a few key points I think are being overlooked. I definitely recommend this to anyone who may be confused on the historical order of these events.

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    Now they're trying to suggest that all paladins are corrupt and that crusaders would have little to nothing to do with them.

    I can see where you may have interpreted this from my statement, but I did not mean all paladins being corrupt as a fact. Rather, I meant that it may be what a Crusader erroneously believes when encountering a Paladin. Just as little is known about the Crusaders, their focus on their task at hand hasn't lent itself well to keeping up on current events in the rest of the world, and they may be unaware of the splintering of the church that's occurred since they originally set out.

    Many Paladins were corrupted (The Hand of Zakarum). Shortly after the Zakarum Inquistion, a small group broke off and traveled to Westmarch (The Order of Paladins). They were later absorbed into the Knights of Westmarch (which is where the D2 Paladin was from). This all happened separately from the Crusaders traveling East, which happened much earlier, when Rakkis first set out to conquer the West.