So why is King Leoric a giant?

  • In Diablo 1 and 3 hes friggin immense, at least his skeleton is. Is it the usual WoW boss growth hormone logic? His ghost was regular size. Doesn't make any sense lore-wise either. Nit picking I know it just kinda irritates me.
  • As a vertically challenged individual, I'd love to get some height gain tips for him. Probably too late for me though. u_u

    The bosses in Diablo III overall are all pretty large individuals. Leoric is one of the few (and first) who is distinctly human(ish), so it's much more noticeable on him. It's only right that he should be big and imposing. An average height boss is just not quite as intimidating.

    (That armor totally adds at least ten pounds, though.)