Stop trying to kill the AH, we get it, you hate the RNG

  • If the RNG picked between N vs. N+1 for any stat (e.g. 5.5CC vs. 6.0CC or 8.5AS vs. 9AS, 299 vs 300 Main stat, 1500 vs 1501 weapon damage etc.) people will still cry about how they can't play the game without BiS items, and how they can't get the perfect rolls, i.e. N+1 for all affixes, and how those that got it is priced so high.

    People need to learn to love the RNG.Killing the AH won't fix your hate.

    BTW FYI, for you delusional idiots, loot 2.0 is nowhere close tightening the RNG to N vs. N+1. You will just get more crap with bigger numbers is all, but nothing will have been fixed your satisfaction because you all want BiS gear, which by definition exist only for less than 1% of the player base.

    Kill the AH is only killing the messenger, all you did pretend not to see where you stand among the 99% or more that don't have the top 1% stuff that is for sale on the AH.

    If you really hate the RNG, you want guaranteed upgrades so you can get your guaranteed progression, so something like this:
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