Has the Devs discussed AH removal after announcement?

  • fact: as of right now, AH removal is still on track for march 2014
    fact: this announcement made many people happy while destroying the hopes and dreams for equally many others. there's been a great deal of for and against threads and feedback from the fans.

    my question is: has the D3 development team gotten together since the announcement to:

    1. discuss the positive/negative feedback from the fans
    2. discuss the concerns of the people against the AH removal
    3. discuss the possibility of delaying the AH removal or keeping it up and running
    4. chuckled at all the feedback and moving forward with the plan

    has the dev team done any or all of the above? a blue post on this would be nice.
  • We’re very aware of the community's varied feedback regarding the decision to remove the Auction Houses from Diablo III. From the moment the announcement went live, we've been consistently monitoring what you all have had to say and passing that information along to key people throughout Blizzard. The most important part in providing this glimpse into your thoughts is making sure we get the whole picture: positive responses, constructive criticism, non-constructive criticism, concerns, questions, and suggestions. This is pulled from forum threads, social media posts, media articles, and fan site pages (with much more in between). We also make sure every region is included so we have a global look at what the community has to say. From there, your feedback is compiled and summarized so we can distribute it to all the folks involved with Diablo III, from development to the executives and other Blizzard branches.

    So what are we, as a company, doing with that feedback? The community's reaction is an important component to daily development discussions, and you have so much to say that we’re not really done collecting it yet. You may have seen Josh’s tweets yesterday regarding the Auction House and trading in Diablo III. (If not, you should totally check them out and participate – it’s never too late to share your thoughts directly with the game’s director.)

    We're discussing not only what you guys think, but what you'd like to see as a result of the Auction House retirement. Our plans are still evolving based on these conversations, and we’ll be sure to keep the community informed on “what’s next?” as everything starts to coalesce.
  • Twitter is the worst possible platform for this kind of discussion.

    It’s a matter of how you frame the intent of a platform like Twitter. The restriction on characters encourages you to very carefully construct your thoughts, and that challenge can allow you to observe and analyze a situation in a different manner. Consider it an exercise in a different style of critical thinking.

    In addition, I want to note that the use of Twitter isn't the sole way we’re collecting feedback. My intent was to give folks a heads up on this particular outreach, in case it had been missed.

    they should really keep the important discussions here.

    Keeping a discussion in a single place is generally not productive. That’s not exclusive to social media; whether it’s forums or elsewhere, limiting discussion by venue does a disservice to a very wide and diverse community. We understand not all players use Twitter. That’s true for the forums as well, and we want to make sure we gather as much feedback as possible. There’s a ton of discussion happening here on the forums and it's not going unnoticed. =)

    I wish we'd get a more comprehensive statement about why they are removing the Auction Houses. We got a sudden notice and some boilerplate about it "not fitting in with the plan."

    We have covered some of the finer details in our Auction House Update FAQ. The short version is that we want to ensure a rewarding and exciting loot experience. The Auction House and the economy it creates forces different decisions in how we approach loot. It was not a light decision to make, but we believe it’s in the best interests for Diablo III.

    I do want to say that I see a lot of constructive feedback in this thread, and that’s awesome! If you have feedback, you’re welcome to continue using this thread to provide it (I’ll keep an eye out and extend the cap if necessary). We want you guys to keep talking, batting around ideas, and letting us know your thoughts as we share new developments.