"Guided Tours of Sanctuary" Hardcore Challenge

  • "Greetings, traveller. I'm not surprised to see your kind here.
    Many tourists have traveled this way since the recent troubles began."

    Have you always wanted to see the grand sights of Sanctuary but don't know the first thing about combat? Do you want to experience the thrill of adventure without getting your hands dirty? Well our prestige guided tours are just what you're looking for!"

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    2 Controllers An appetite for adventureNon-existent fear of deathSkill
    1. Create a Hardcore "Tour Guide" character with Player 1 Controller2. Create a Hardcore "Tourist" character with Player 2 Controller3. Be an amazing guide and escort your Tourist through Sanctuary
    Don't die. Don't let your Tourist dieTourists are encouraged to bring their pets on Guided ToursYou may offer your Tourist protective clothing (Sanctuary can get chilly) Your Tourist can use any Passive skills at their disposal

    In all seriousness this is some of the most fun I've ever had playing Diablo. As you may or may not know, inactive local characters will steadily follow you around and even teleport to your location when necessary. Somewhat of a tethered "sitting duck".

    So I was playing with a friend in Hardcore when he had to take a call, being the considerate gamer I am I paused the game... unfortunately for him I'm also an impatient gamer, so I resumed the game when he left the room *devilish grin*. Much to my chagrin, around the next corner was a formidable Elite pack (hi karma!). In the heat of the moment I foolishly decided to take the pack on, leaping from foe to foe trying to protect my friend's poor debilitated Barbarian (ironically named "Hodor"). I was victorious but it was a close call.

    Hence the idea was born, and boy is it a blast. I recommend any Hardcore enthusiast, or anyone that loves a challenge for that matter, to give this a shot. It adds a whole new dynamic to gameplay in that you are literally watching your own back because a few paces behind you stumbles a clueless hunk of monster-bait. The looting experience is also amplified as you are farming for two; one as a bodyguard and one as defensively as possible.

    My healer Monk Jo is currently escorting a feeble Demon Hunter named Gertrude and her pet boar "Chubs". She seems to be enjoying the sights so far, although I feel bad for making her carry so much of my treasure.. meh, she needs the exercise. We've just arrived at Caldeum for the third time. She enjoys gardening, exotic foods and the color Blue. Yesterday she had a close call with a pack of skeletons.

    P.S- For an even greater challenge, try guided group tours! (3-4 controllers required).
  • This is a really unique idea. I'm definitely going to have to give this a try!

    I'm not sure about the group tours though. =X I see myself failing miserably at that. Maybe if I paired up with a fellow tour guide (2 tour guides, 2 tourists)?