chat scammers are out in force!

  • ever since the announcement of the closure of the auction houses the chat channel scammer and spammers are non stop and increasing?

    whenever I see them I call them out and warn other players.

    why don't bizz ban them. they can easily keep an eye on these scumbags?
  • Vigilance when trading will pay off the vast majority of the time when trading. I had a look through the first couple of pages on that site, 99% were reports of people trying to trade different items than the item they were advertising or people changing the amount of gold they had in the trade window.

    We're always on the lookout for new sneaky methods, and we urge you to email our hacks team at if you know of anything like this. You can also check out our sticky post for more advice on safe trading.

    i dont understand how you can get scammed nowadays, as the scam always is something with "drop your item on the ground" thing. or someone who traded first in hc vs sc gold.

    Its just retarded to fall for something like that.

    there are many and increasingly clever ways to scam. go to and read up

    you would be surprised how some get done