[Petition] Do NOT accumulate Paragon levels

  • Do NOT accumulate Paragon levels in any way, shape or form. Do NOT simply add them up, do NOT accumulate exp earned from every character.

    Here are the reasons why it is bad:

    1. New players will be demotivated to even start playing again knowing that they will be far behind some people who have multiple paragons lvl 100. Imagine, you are lvl 1 wizard and there are lvl 60 (Paragon 250-1000) wizards. Even now i know few people who are not going to start knowing that they will be so far behind.

    2. Your Paragon system was broken since start. It forced people to concentrate on 1 character in order not to loose on MF/GF/Stats. People felt that they are wasting time playing other characters, and you know that. You can't punish people by concentrating on one character since that was the scheme you created. You didn't count exp aquired after P100, didn't you? I bet you did not.

    3. Many people will now torture themselves by making new characters of the same class they already have (in order to pass the loot) and grind as much as they can before RoS. Grind in a game that is currently broken, where u can't find any upgrades, where is no end game and no fun overall.

    4. People who got few lvl 100 paragons did that not because of some rewards, mostly it's about bragging, and they achieved that, make a screenshot, that's it.

    5. There's a high probability that accounts with many paragon 100 characters achieved it by using 3rd party software. You want to reward them even further?

    6. How about dead HC characters? Dead and deleted, not counting also i bet.

    You can give gold, temporary buffs, temporary boosts in MF/GF/EXP, name changes, transfers etc etc for those people with multiple characters. But that's it.

    If you have single Paragon 100 character you will have it on RoS launch day and that's it. Everything must be as equal as possible at the start. It might be a new and better beggining for Diablo 3. Mark my words Blizzard. Do not [email protected]#$ up this up for millions of people again, make it right.
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