Petition: allow us to bet on our own pvp-games.

  • First of all: this shouldn't be compulsary! People who just want to play for fun, without any reward or risk involved, should be free to do so.

    The idea is simple: I want to be able to put some gold on my pvp-combat. There should be a box where I can suggest an amount of money I want to bet, e.g. 1 million. If my opponent accepts, both of us lose 1 million from our treasury and we start pvp-ing. The one who wins the match wins 2 million.

    Something similar is possible with gambling experience instead of gold (the exp. you already gathered above your level, so you cannot lose a level by losing the pvp, just part of your progress towards the next level). Like this you could level pvp-wise.

    I think this is easy for blizzard to implement, and gives more excitement to players who want to opt for it. Heck, blizzard can even withdraw a 10% from the total bet if they want, if this could encourage them creating this option.

    Please sign this petition (+1) if you also want a bet option to become available.

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