• Lets face it. The current companions sucks.

    Who would want to run around with a pig in a game that is supposed to contain blood and gore? Or a rabbit? Or a chicken?

    What the heck..

    I don't think that they should be removed, it is really comfortable not to have to run around and collect gold, but they should be changed into some other kind of form.

    Like kill a mob, use the scroll and a miniature of the mob that you just killed becomes your companion and picks your gold.. Or why not take character, monsters, npcs or bosses from Diablo I / II?

    Imagine the feeling to run around with Baal picking up your gold, or why not even Gheed.. I could even see myself having a Rakanishu beside me picking up my golds!

    Please, anything but those lame animals that we currently got..
  • Well, I like to see great discussion and feedback on our forums here, lets provoke to you all a question since I want to see what you all think.

    If you had to choose one critter-type creature to have as your companion that only has the purpose of picking up gold in a short area around you, what would you want it to be? :o

    Lets see what you can all come up with! :D