Suggestion: guaranteed movement button

  • aif
    Hey, I wanted to suggest the following:

    Problem I encounter: While I'm playing a ranged class I sometimes want to run into the middle of a pack of mobs so I can AOE once I'm at the center of the mob pack for the massacre exp bonus. However I find it sometimes difficult to actually get into the middle of the mob pack because its very hard to not click any monsters while you try to move into a dense pack.

    My suggestion is basically the same as the shift key: when you press shift, you attack no matter what/where you click. I think it would be a very nice addition to add a similar button for movement, while you keep this key pressed (ctrl for example) you can click anywhere you want (including if you click on a monster) you will not attack but only move.

    Any thoughts from you guys?

    (holding down the left mouse button is not good eonugf.)
    is a good thread that tells ppl why we need this......
  • Hey everyone,

    While I cannot promise that anything such as this will be implemented, I do agree that this is some very constructive feedback :)

    Keep up the helpful comments as they all contribute to making the game better! ^^
  • We just wanted to let you all know that this feedback that you have given on a dedicated click to move button is excellent, and we may implement this, the option for this would be unbound by default.

    Sadly, this option would not be ready for when the game is shipped. While it would not be ready for ship if we do end up implementing it, I hope that you are all glad to hear this news ^^