* Tempest Rush Guide 2.04 Monk TR Builds *

    - Get to Level 70 ASAP
    - Life Steal does not work any more
    - Wave of Light had a big nerf
    - Tempest Rush got a buff
    - Start farming Normal for good upgrades since Item drops are identical from normal to expert.
    - If you were using a TR build with the legacy Inna Set, this build is quite effective:


    - Everything in this build maximizes movement speed.
    - SSS and/or Epiphany-Inner Fire for Elites.
    - Pop Air Ally whenever the cooldown is over to refill spirit, or pop Epiphany.
    - Gear: 2 spirit/second (spirit stone recommended).
    - No life on hit is required.
    - Follower: Templar with “Loyalty” for life/second and “Inspire” for spirit regeneration.
    Do not be discouraged if you cannot handle Torment Rifts. I have 600k DPS, 3.75 million toughness exclusively from gear I found in Normal Rifts, Normal Quests and gambling blood shards with Kadala.


    500k+ DPS
    4 million toughness
    - SSS and Epiphany-Inner Fire are your sources of damage. Tempest Rush-Tailwind is mainly for mobility, the damage buff of Momentum and to greatly increase the effectiveness of Epiphany.
    - Use MoC, then Blinding Flash-Faith in the Light then SSS and/or Epiphany for awesome burst damage. Pop Blinding Flash whenever the cooldown finishes.
    - Pop Air Ally and/or Epiphany to increase spirit generation.
    - Reduce Cooldowns through helm socket, shoulders, weapon (or other slot), and Paragon Utility Points.
    - Gear: 2 spirit/second (spirit stone recommended).
    - No life on hit is required.
    - Follower: Templar with “Loyalty” for life/second and “Inspire” for spirit regeneration.

    400k DPS
    3.5 million toughness (or even down to 3 million)
    Try one or more of the following tweaks:
    - Mantra of Conviction-Intimidation for 15% damage reduction
    - Breath of Heaven-Blazing Wrath (Heal with 10% damage boost) instead of Blinding Flash
    Last resorts:
    - Seize the Initiative instead of Momentum
    - Mantra of Healing-Time of Need
    - Mantra of Evasion-Hard Target.

    Quests are still done on normal mode to get rift keys quickly with a focus on movement speed (like Normal):


    Elemental Damage: Fire
    Attack Speed: Avoid it whenever possible, as it does not increase damage to SSS or Epiphany

    2 Hander Vs. Dual Wielding
    - Both are viable
    - Spirit is a bit harder to manager Dual-Wielding.
    - Dual wielders should switch out Guardian’s Path for Chant of Resonance
    - 2 Handers will hit harder, even if your DPS is much higher dual-wielding. Remember that 15% of dual-wielding’s DPS comes from attack speed, which gives no benefit to damage from Inner Fire or SSS.
    - Dual-Wielding seems to have better potential for higher torments due to potential from an additional slot for extra fire damage, bonus damage to elites or special procs.

    SECTION 4 – Torment 2

    - Torment 2 Rifts have only a 15% increased chance of legendary drops than Torment 1 Rifts, while monsters have 50% more health. So if you can finish Torment 1 in 15 minutes, then you should only move on to Torment 2 when you can finish Torment 2 in less than 17.5 minutes (15% more time).

    More Coming Soon…
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