AH Petition: Please respect your most loyal customers!

  • Blizzard's latest announcement has caused an uproar in the community. While all players true to the spirit of the Diablo franchise agree that the Real Money Auction House must be eliminated, the community is split regarding the Gold Auction House (GAH):

    Casual players who for in-game success solely want to rely on lucky drops instead of hard work now have reason to rejoice because removing the GAH will introduce luck as the only "currency". In contrast, the committed veterans who invested hundreds and thousands of hours by trying different builds and optimizing their heroes both through farming and diligent asset management will now be bereft of their rewards.

    Moreover, these faithful veterans who despite all the flaws of Diablo 3 stuck with it up to now, have been kept motivated by the freedom the game has given them: By providing the opportunity to match items to preferred build. This was only made possible through the existence of the GAH and will perish immediately once it is gone. As will the unique economy that positively distinguished Diablo 3 as a game for grown-ups from the mass of flat action RPGs that can be mastered by every undedicated casual gaming kid.

    To sum it up, adhering to the current announcement of removing both AHs next March clearly would convey the message that Blizzard disrespects their most loyal customers. Which would be utterly disappointing to say the least. Not even to mention that it would constitute a breach of contract to not provide a feature anymore which the product originally was advertised with.

    However, as there are in fact numerous people who would like to play the game without an Auction House, the only professional solution for a company of Blizzard's magnitude can be to provide separate game modes - with Gold Auction House and without! It has been possible to provide separate game modes with Normal and Hardcore, so it is possible to do the same regarding the Auction House.

    Of course, everyone realizes that introducing and maintaining an additional game mode requires more effort than simply disposing of a feature that apparently has become inconvenient for the developers. However, all loyal long-term fans who like me have played mostly (and sometimes exclusively) Blizzard games over the past 20 years would agree that Blizzard owes this effort to their solid base of customers!

    So anyone agreeing on the suggestion that Blizzard should give their best effort to respect all their customers, please support this petition!
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