• Hey all, we’re happy to announce that we’ve selected a new Diablo III MVP.

    Our Most Valuable Poster program is a way for us to reward active, constructive and helpful players participating on the European Diablo III forums. Anyone who spends time here on the forums will have likely seen D3MON around, giving advice and helping out specifically in the Demon Hunter forums. We feel his continuous efforts reflect the dedication he obviously has to not only his favourite class, but to the community in general. D3MON will join our other Diablo III class specialist, Fean the Witch Doctor guru.

    Please join us in congratulating him :-)
  • Congrats on the green text D3MON!

    EDIT: 1st!!!!11111!!!!!!!!1!!1!!!
  • Congratulations D3MON!
  • Congrats on getting green, D3MON! Always exciting to get new MVPs on the forums. Yay! :D
  • Welcome D3MON!

    9th YESSS!
  • Congratulations D3MON, and welcome to the green team :D
  • Grats on the green D3MON, it is always nice to have new MVPs join the program :-)

    Wow. Thanks guys!!

    Green text is awesome!!


    Green text is Supergreen :-)
  • Congratulations D3MON!
  • Welcs.