Scammed for 3500000 gold BLUE post please !

  • Ok I wont name guy since naming and shaming is forbiden thereI think...But i DEMAND blue answer...

    Guy used scam method which I thought its fixed ,my friend warned me about this scam about 15 days ago, also he told me that blizzard fixed it,so i didnt think that I can be scammed at all....

    What guy basicly do:
    He advertise on trade chat how he selling epic ring ,price was normal according to ring

    We open trade list ,then he trying to withdraw item just milisecond before I press accept, in beggining i thinked that something is buged, because my money not go away,i dont get a item... then after third trade attempt , boom, his scam was sucessful.... my money gone and i didnt reicive an item... note i didnt think he can scam me because my friend told me that blizzard fixed this scam method....but he was wrong....this scam still work ! Beware

    Dear customer support:
    -I borrow this money from my friend to buy this ring
    -i got guy name and # ID
    -I took screenshots of our chat during the scam

    I was victim of blizzard bug used my bad people,its blizzard duty to protect me against such a stuff ,my gaming experience its kinda ruined now and i wish my gold back.... 3500 000 g pieces

    Best regards Praet
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