Question and answer thread designed for a blue response

  • Looking through the forums they are a mess.
    Multiple threads about certain problems, people getting irate and rage posting, any answers given are just lost in the white noise.
    Here is an idea
    Once a fortnight the top issues or problems are posted in a thread.
    This gives you blue posters time to get the answers and you only have to write them in one thread.
    Then if someone starts a thread it would soon become the norm for people to link them to the questions and answers thread.
    I have seen it work before in Ultima online forums, with good success.

    So i'm going to start one now and see if you guys at the controls will take up the challenge of at least looking as though you care and wish to communicate with us.
    I am not going to post questions about things like itemisation etc as these questions are akin to flogging a dead horse as these changes may or may not happen.

    This has been a problem since month 1.
    To the uneducated it appears that when you introduce a patch the rubberbanding escalates, after a few weeks it goes down to a nominal level. This indicates its a server load/balancing issue.
    So instead of unleashing the rubberband monster on us, why don't you utilise the PTR area for stress testing.
    When you know the patch is due for release, put a note on the log in screen with a date and time and ask as many people as possible to log into the PTR (at the time you specify) to stress test your changes.
    You would probably need to entice people to do this with an incentive.
    Maybe a unique item, eye candy, another 5 stash spaces, whatever it is it should be account bound and not something that will over power a char.
    If you wont consider this would you try and keep people in the loop with whats happening?
    This problem has caused you to lose players, mainly due to frustration.

    2)Self found mode
    I think we can safely say you are not going to create a seperate server for a self found mode, no matter how easy people say it is to implement.
    So would you consider giving the self found players some sort of recognition?
    Maybe a banner flag, maybe something on their profile
    I don't know but anything would give these guys some sort of satisfaction that their disciplined play has been recognised.
    It would also help them find other self found players to join games with.

    3)Leading monsters into town and waiting for Hardcore players to join
    Whatever your views on this it is against fair play and a low trick to play.
    Would you consider blocking the other end of town as you have the weeping willow end?
    Would you consider giving 30 seconds immunity that is broken once you physically move your char? (30 seconds would give you enough time to see whats happening and be able to log out again)
    Personally it doesn't bother me as i don't play public games in either soft or hardcore
    This tactic is affecting the amount of people who are willing to play public games.
    The problem is that you (Blizzard) are trying your best to promote public games, so if you are going to ignore this then you are shooting yourself in the foot.
    Its a simple fix, make the gate at that end of the town into a portal as in the weeping willow end.
    PK'ing has been a part of online games since forever, this is not PK'ing this is griefing.

    There are tonnes more but i don't want to overload the thread with millions of questions.
    It would do you good to try and respond here as your blue posts are so scarce they are worth 2 billion gold on the AH.
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