New MVP: Fean

  • Hey guys,

    As you may already be aware, our Most Valuable Poster program is a way for us to reward active, constructive and helpful players participating on the European Diablo III forums.

    Many of you may have seen Fean around, especially on the Witch Doctor forum. He’s proved to be extremely knowledgeable and helpful to others, so we’ve invited him to become an MVP. Hopefully Fean will be the first of many class specialist MVPs we have here on the Diablo III forums. Please join us in congratulating him :D
  • 15/03/2013 11:06Posted by Fean
    Thank you very much Takralus :)

    You are most welcome, congrats again!
  • Congrats on getting green Fean! Cannot wait to see more of your great posts on the Witch Doctor forum and elsewhere too! ^^
  • *tries to dance in celebration and welcome*

    *just ends up rocking back and forth*

  • Congratulations and welcome aboard Fean! :)
  • Congratulations Fean!
  • Thank you for all your helpful and constructive posts so far, Fean! *Raises early afternoon coffee to many more to come*
  • 15/03/2013 12:00Posted by Fean
    Hey guys that's 5 of them and still no Van, I'm starting to think he just doesn't care *sniff sniff*.

    I care, I am just a little slow that's all.

    Grats on the green, may you be the first of many Diablo MVPs :-)
  • Hello and welcome to the green team, Fean! /wave
  • The forums just dropped its first set piece of equipment. Congratulations!