My addiction to Diablo 3 proves beyond a doubt.......

  • My addiction to Diablo 3 proves beyond a doubt that this game has and continues to give me "gaming enjoyment" that I can not find in any other game. "Go try PoE" you say. Bin there done that. got boring within 24 hours. Brought 12 friends over to play it and not one of them can even bother with it now ether. That game is a failure and it isn't even in open beta yet. "TL2" "GW2" fail and fail.

    How about FPS?? I have them all. "Literally" I have spent so much money on games to only come back to Diablo 3 and play it for an untold amount of hours in 2 different realms. (USA, EU)
    And with the Expansion coming and PvP and god only knows what else is coming. well. I see 1000's more hours of playing this game in the future.

    why make this post? All you see on forums is mutts whining, trolls trolling, and people insulting people they don't even know. How the hell can anyone make a post or topic insult somebody you don't even know and insult there work. And all because they don't approve of D3? They did a terrible job with D3?? lol.......

    They did a fantastic job with this game and it only is getting better and better. And like i said at the beginning. out of every game that i own. out of every game that has been given to me. Out of every game that people suggest to me to go play. THIS game is the ONLY game that satisfies my "Gaming Needs".

    So props to blizz and props to Dev's for putting up with the mutts and all the negative feed back. keep it up. Happy Holidays and hope you all have a Merry Christmas.
  • Repeated thread from US forums!
    The discussion of the game's merits/demerits has completely derailed by now!