Regarding 1.0.5 PTR account creation?

  • I have been searching for hours in my account for how to create a PTR account. I downloaded the client, I searched for the god damn "Create PTR account" button in my Diablo 3 license on for hours but cant find it. Anyone else having this problem?

    And most important, how to god damn solve this?!

    Thanks alot in advance guys!
  • You can create a PTR account from the account management page linked above, as Nimor says. On the Summary tab, select your Diablo account. The next page contains a link to create your PTR account.
  • Locking this thread as it is related to the 1.0.5 PTR patch.

    Please read the sticky threads in the PTR forum If you are having issues with the 2.0.1 PTR patch: