Trading: Safety Tips and Scam Policy

  • Trading has always been a big part of the Diablo series. Unfortunately, some players will try to abuse your good faith by attempting to obtain your goods without paying for them. If you wish to trade with someone, you should remain vigilant for these “Trade Scams” to keep your items safe against those who may try to take them from you. It’s important you make use of the safe trading tools we have provided, as Customer Support will not intervene in cases where players have lost items to scamming.

    Trade Safely

    The secure trade window can be accessed by right-clicking another player’s portrait or character in-game and selecting the “Trade” option in the menu. Place the items and/or gold you want to exchange into the trade window, carefully review the other person’s offer, then click “Accept” when you are satisfied with the deal. If the other player’s offer changed after you approved your half of the bargain, the approval will automatically be cancelled and the “Accept” button will grey out for several seconds; be sure to review the new offer before clicking “Accept” again.

    Here are some further safety tips, as mentioned in our scam policy:

    Never drop items on the groundOnce an item is dropped from your inventory, it becomes fair game for anyone to pick up. Scammers will give various reasons why you should drop your item, for example to “check the item is genuine”, and will often offer to move away from you while you do it to ensure they can’t pick it up—this will not stop them.

    Never lend items to anyone you don’t trustA scammer might ask to “try out” an item before trading, but you should never hand your items to an unknown player—for this or any other reason.

    Never run scripts provided by other playersSome scammers will offer you a script, claiming it will help you play the game, swap your gear, or provide other benefits. These scripts typically cause damage to your hero or force you to drop items, which the other player can then pick up.

    Pay attention to all trade transactionsAlways carefully review exactly what the other party is offering before accepting a trade. Double-check the item you are trading and its stats before accepting the trade. Also, check the cost—10000 and 100000 may look similar, but a single zero makes a big difference.
  • 29/07/2013 14:10Posted by Mist3rHyde
    Also, check the cost—10000 and 100000 may look similar, but a single zero makes a big difference.

    Really, how hard is it to add spaces/commas/dots between the numbers. Can you imagine how much scamming you guys could easily prevent by adding such a simple quality of life, basic "feature" ?

    I actually do not know how hard or easy it is to add spaces/commas/dots between the numbers, but I do agree with you that having these would be a good quality-of-life improvement.

    We are planning to add such commas to the numbers though, which should hopefully come as good news even if it is a little late, but until they have been added we feel it is a good thing to ask people to be careful and double-check numbers before clicking the trade button.