• Hi,please i have one question. Is it legal buying gold or items in online gold shops like <snip>.com or <snip>.com etc.?
    Im affraid, I should get a ban if i use it. They have about 30% and more better prizes for buying gold than official RMAH from Blizzard.Thnx.
  • In short, no, you are not allowed to do so. Check the Terms of Use for more info:

    14. Ownership of Loot. You agree that:
    A. Blizzard owns or has the right to use all of the Loot, as well as all of the characters and content that appears in Diablo III.
    B. You do not own any of the Loot, characters or other content that appears in Diablo III and that you have no right or title in or to any of the Loot, other than the license to use any Loot granted to you by Blizzard, with the game and the Auction House.
    C. You are not allowed to sell, trade or somehow transfer Loot, characters or any other Diablo III content outside of Diablo III or the Auction House.