Trading: Safety Tips and Scam Policy

  • We’re still seeing threads about players who have lost items through trade scams. To make sure that as many people are aware and cautious of this as possible, I want to re-post this info from our Knowledge Center (below).

    Essentially, the easiest thing to remember is this: Do not drop items on the ground, for whatever reason your trading partner gives.

    With Diablo III, our goal is to provide players the means to effectively protect themselves from scams. Customer Support will not be able to intervene in cases where one player takes advantage of another. Because of this, it is up to every player to be aware of the systems in Diablo III that will protect them and exercise good judgment when trading with others in-game.

    Ninja Looting
    Each player will see their own unique loot when a monster is killed in Diablo III. Because loot is not shared by all players, it is not possible for one player to steal loot from another. In order for an item to be visible for all players, it will need to be dropped on the ground from a hero’s inventory.

    Trade Scams
    Item and gold trades in Diablo III are handled through a secure trade window. Before a trade is completed, both players will need to click Approve. Because trades require the consent of both players, it is up to those players to make absolutely sure that the trade is correct before clicking the approve button.

    Tips to Avoid Becoming a Victim

    Never give your items to anyone you do not trust
    In Diablo III, you should never hand your items to an unknown player for any reason. Artisans handle such things as item enhancement and crafting, so there is no need to pass an item for another player for crafting.

    Only trade securely
    The Auction House and secure trade window provide ways to safely trade with other players in Diablo III. Avoid trades that are not conducted through these systems, as both provide ways for players to clearly see the items and amount of gold that will be traded.

    Do not drop items
    When an item is dropped from your inventory, it becomes available for all players in the game to pick up. If an item is dropped and lost, Customer Support will not be able to intervene.

    Buyer beware
    Many scammers will attempt to scam other players through the auction houses. Be careful with the items you decide to purchase and always confirm the cost of the item before bidding or purchasing. In player to player transactions, confirm the item you are trading before accepting the trade.
  • What about scamers?
    what can be done against then? nothing?
    Blizzard will let pplz who are new to game
    get scamed over and over again
    by same ppl?
    what do you thing they will get impresion about the company and
    how do you "protect them"?

    I'm hoping that by posting this in the trade forum, we can spread awareness a little further, as clearly people are still being caught out by the old "Drop it on the ground please" trick. Unfortunately, dropping items on the ground means anyone can pick it up. Doing it from a distance won't always save you either.
  • 08/01/2013 14:00Posted by Morrigan
    hmmm what about those infamous trade scammer, does reporting help?

    As mentioned in the policy, unfortunately we can't take action against players who have picked up dropped items.

    Having said that, I would always advise anyone looking to trade an item in-game to do their homework and check up on the person they're hoping to do business with first.
  • 08/01/2013 14:24Posted by b00gyman
    You expect us to rely on inspecting everyone instead of fixing the trade window which is supposed to be on an invite basis not automatically popping up?

    No, not at all. Regardless of any checks you make, you can protect yourself from being scammed by simply not dropping the item you want to trade...

    08/01/2013 14:24Posted by b00gyman
    I read sometime ago that your policy as a company is to not make someone public if they are caught botting or hacking, and now I see that it's okay to check on third party sites on players, I am really dissapointed in what has blizzard as a company become.

    We ask people to avoid naming and shaming here on the official forums because it could be used as a way to harass someone, or spread false rumors. I can already see one or two questionable claims on the site you linked, which is the exact reason we don't allow it here.