• Please, my thread is locked for a second time.
    What the hell are you doing???
    Why you locked my thread? Is there a problem. I never bumped my thread. And I was answering once on four people comments to avoid spamming and you lock my thread?
    There houndreds of thread with bump ever 1hour that are open out there and you lock mine? Are you ok? Is this some kind of joke?
    Unlock my thread and fast please. If you make the rules and can't follow them then why make them?
  • If you wish to avoid getting your threads locked, you need to make sure that they comply with the forums guidelines. i.e. make sure that your thread is on-topic, that there are no CAPS or other attention seekers in the subject title, etc.

    This thread also goes against the forum guidelines, hence the lock.

    Please familiarise yourself with the forum guidelines before you post again: