Wts Chantodo's Force (105-439dmg) Tal Rasha's (127-408)

  • Like in the title. Got this two beauties to sell.


    Chantodo's Force:
    +105-439 Damage
    +184 Intelligence
    Attack Speed Increased by 8%
    +13 Max Arcane Power
    Crit Hit chance Increased by 9,5%
    Critical Hits grant 9 Arcane Power
    Reduces resource cost of Meteor by 2 Arcane POwer

    Tal Rasha's Unwavering Glare:
    +127-408 Damage
    +187 Intelligence
    Regenerates 278 Life per Second
    Melee attackers take 143 damage per hit
    Crit Hit Chance Increased by 10%
    Critical Hits grant 10 Arcane Power
    Increased Duration of Blizzard by 3 seconds

    Please attach your offers to Friend's request or post them just here. Scammers dont even try as I won't drop anything on the ground and I know how many zero's should you type;).

    Battletag Rhaego#2800
  • 12/12/2012 14:20Posted by Rhaego
    still up for sale. (i dont think that after 2 days I break any rules of bumping now especially since everyone else is doing it constantly)

    Sadly Rhaego, you're wrong. If you see anyone else doing it, please report them. Locking this for now.