WTS:EU best Zuni Mojo string of skulls-10% cc, 182 Vita

  • I am selling this Zuni Mojo

    exact stats:
    108-441 dmg
    173 Int
    182 Vita
    14 Manareg
    10% Critical hit Chance
    4% Dmg vs Elites
    2 Sec. reduced cooldown on Wall of zombies

    highest bid is 130m at the moment
  • As soon as you allow any bumping, it gets out of hand as people bump more and more to stay ahead of the game. We've discussed this extensively in the team recently; We know everyone's keen to sell their items, but unless we stamp out bumping altogether, the entire front 2 pages are virtually nothing but bumps.

    We don't mind people adding information and answering questions, but updates should be added via editing your last post, not making a new post to stealth bump your thread.
  • 10/12/2012 16:54Posted by chaosman
    by the way - i reported ~300 threads over the weekend because of bumps - why are so many of them still there? are you only deleting the threads that are on the first 2 sites? yesteday my thread was on page 9 after 18h without a bump - there should really be someone also on the weekends who watches over the forum

    We are working through them, I assure you. Every reported post is looked at and dealt with by a moderator, whereas unreported ones are only attended to if we are able to check each thread manually. This is why we encourage people to report bumping as much as possible. Therefore, we can prevent the kind of situation you mentioned about an 18 hour old post being on page 9.
  • 11/12/2012 18:22Posted by Skill
    You guys are professional when it comes to banning/deleting innocent players topics/accounts.

    To avoid derailing this topic any further, I'll make this my last comment here. The forum rules are quite clear, especially when it comes to bumping threads (see the sticky), so we don't consider those who choose to ignore the rules as innocent, exactly. As someone said earlier, you shouldn't have to see your trade thread buried under a mountain of bumps, and we're trying to see that it doesn't happen.

    Please try to remain on-topic from this point, guys.