READ ME —> Do Not Bump Threads

  • We appreciate you’re keen to advertise your item(s), but the act of posting simply to bump a thread is considered spamming. Anyone found to be bumping may have their thread deleted and be subject to a forum suspension.
  • Just to clarify why bumping threads is not allowed:

    It creates a continuing and ever growing need for people to keep bumping threads if everyone is allowed to constantly bump their threads in the trade forums. The ever increasing bumping of threads will flood the forums and make it much harder for buyers to find and buy items of interest, which in turn will make it less profitable being a seller, because items for sale are less likely to be noticed by the buyers.

    If no-one is allowed to bump, the trade forums move more slowly and there is less flooding. No bumping means that it is easier for both buyers and sellers to get an overview of the market to see what is being traded, and because there is less “noise” in the form of bump/spam posts, people will be motivated to actually spend more time on the trade forums since they are not discouraged from having to trawl through a ton of bump/spam posts.

    Conclusion: No Bumping = Easier Profit!