Please pay homage to famous Diablo items!

  • I would love to see a Godly Plate of the Whale, Kings Sword of Haste and Archangels Staff of Apocalypse. We already have the Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac =]

    Any other old timer Diablo fans with me?!

    EDIT: Cool, a blue reply! I'll expand some on my initial post. All numbers are just improvised.

    +Godly Plate of the Whale+
    3 Sockets
    +250 Vitality
    +250 Armor
    -5% Move speed
    +5000 HPs healed from Health Globes and Healing Potions
    Every time you pick up a health globe, increase your vitality and armor by 1. Stacks up to 250. Stacks last 60 seconds.
    Your damage is increased by 1 for every point of Armor and Vitality you possess

    +Kings Sword of Haste+
    1 Socket
    +5% Attack Speed
    +10% Physical Damage
    +1% Chance to strike twice (or double attack) for every point of attack speed
    Every 50 attacks, release "Influence of the King", buffing yourself and all allies with +Attack Speed, +Damage, +5% Move speed and +Magic Find / Gold Find for 30 seconds

    +Archangels Staff of the Apocalypse+
    2 Sockets
    +250 Intelligence
    +25% Damage to fire damage / spells / skills
    -10% Cooldown to fire skills
    +100% Fire Resistance (assuming they are buffing single resistances or nerfing all resistance)
    Fire damage you deal heals you for .5% of the damage
    Every 50 fire skills cast unleashes Wrath of Lazarus, blasting enemies for 200% weapon damage (as fire damage) to enemies within 50 yards and burning them for an additional 50% weapon damage over 3 seconds. Enemies killed from Wrath of Lazarus reduce your fire skill cool downs by .25%.

    Yeah, these are more Diablo and Diablo II style uniques, but I am just spit balling here.
  • There are a few homage items currently in game. Things like Stone of Jordan or Mara's Kaleidoscope come to mind.

    What other items would you like to see? Actually, let's take this a step further, for science. If there was any item from another game or movie put into the game, what would you want to see and why? What would it do?

    I'd love to see the Master Sword myself. Maybe with a chance to proc some holy damage when you're at full health.
  • 09/25/2013 06:04 PMPosted by Bomdanil
    The Glaive.

    I came to find a king, and I find a boy instead.
  • 09/26/2013 10:55 AMPosted by SNARF
    a shrubbery... definitely a shrubbery....

    Only if it comes in a set with a herring. Or an offhand "sleeping" parrot in a cage.
  • 09/25/2013 06:04 PMPosted by Bomdanil
    The Glaive.

    I'd also suggest a spear named Sicarius Dracorum. It's not from the same movie, but they are only a few years apart, and both have been very influential.