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    Vouches Thread

    have 1b hc to trade
    have 100m sc sc to trade
    Can do big trades in multiple trades, whatever makes u feel comfortable however you must trade first
    >>>>>Current rate is always in title<<<<<
    >>>>>Taking 10 seconds to vouch after trading is a big help for me because rep is very important to gold traders a big thank you to those who take out some of their time doing so<<<<<<

    For those new to this ill try to explain the process
    e.g If the rate is 1 : 2.5 it means that for every 2,500,000 softcore gold you give me ill give you 1,000,000 hardcore gold
    first we start off on softcore you give me X amount then we switch characters onto hardcore ill give you X divided by 2.5

    Since a lot of people have been scammed before including myself which was one reason i became a gold converter as a rule I try to make it as comfortable for my buyer as possible of course i must protect myself first so that is why i do not trade first however to put my buyer at ease we can split a transaction into parts for example if u want to convert 25m sc for 10m hc we can do that in 10 trades if you request. This will take longer but i do not mind spending the extra time because getting scammed leaves a bad feeling.

    Tips to avoid getting scammed
    most of these you prob already know
    1: dont trade all your gold at once this help cut your losses
    2: checking their profile if a profile seems shady it probably is
    3: if their rates are extremely low there is a reason for it and there is a good chance you will get scammed too
    4: check their history on forums such as other posts
    5: take screen shot if scammed and upload so that more people become aware of who to avoid
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