Why did you nerf Weeping Hollow? (Constructive feedback)

  • It used to have and amazing non-ending stream of monsters, now they are cumpled together (which is nice) but there are less mobs and sometimes even empty screens between them.

    This zone was a favourite in Act 1 for many players and streamers (e.g. Moldran), so why did you touch it? Because Drothvader, who doesn't even play the game, said the constant stream of monster didn't feel right? How about you listen to people who actually _play_ and _enjoy_ the game instead?

    Nobody wants empty screens without monsters. We want TONS of mobs and of course CoTA-style clumps in bewteen. If you nerf zones nobody will play them!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sorry for being to harsh, but this zone was so amazing... I can't fathom the reasons for the nerf.
  • 04/27/2013 04:22 AMPosted by Peladito
    Sorry for being to harsh, but this zone was so amazing... I can't fathom the reasons for the nerf.

    Not harsh, just passionate. No worries. :)

    The changes we made to The Weeping Hollow in the most recent PTR patch were really just an experiment. Based on feedback we'd seen regarding density (in terms of monster spawn pacing), it wasn't totally clear what players preferred; some wanted more clumps, some wanted less, and some liked things just the way they were. There wasn't a clear-cut answer, so our designers made a change to see what would happen. Rapid iteration like that is one of the cool things we can do with the PTR.

    Given the response from players since the change went live (thanks for all your posts, btw), we're going to be restoring monster density and spawn pacing in The Weeping Hollow to its earlier PTR levels, and that will most likely be what we stick with for 1.0.8.
  • 04/30/2013 10:17 PMPosted by DamienJohn
    This thread has gone pretty far off-topic, perhaps it would be a good idea to start a new one regarding the effects farming sweet spots on character diversity ? Just a suggestion. :)

    Sounds like a great idea. TheTias, Drothvader -- if one of you want to kick that off, that'd be absolutely fine by me. (Or if someone else wants to create that discussion, please feel free!)
  • 05/01/2013 07:32 PMPosted by TheTias
    If I find something worth starting a discussion about, I'll do just that. Until then I read players' thread topics and enter those if I have something to add to it. Us MVPs aren't the only ones with ideas and thoughts out there. :)

    Course not! You being an MVP really had nothing to do with the call-out. More that the conversation began and was primarily being driven by you and Drothvader. If neither of you want to start a separate thread, that's totally fine. If someone else wants to start it, also fine! The topic itself just seems best suited as its own discussion, rather than a sidebar in this existing one.