PTR Firebats??

  • I'm a little confused, I was able to test it out for a few minutes before PTR crashed or something it doesn't seem like I spend anywhere near 220 mana for initial cost.. and also


    I mean seriously? They essentially make the skill worse by changing the initial cost, but they don't even buff the damage? How am I supposed to test the skill out if it's not even usable or worth using?

    Blizzard baffles me..
  • The Firebats change in the current PTR build is incomplete, and we intend to buff the damage in the next build. Here is a quote from Wyatt that explains what happened a little better, and a link to the thread if you want to read more.

    Wyatt: The Firebats changes were halfway done when we snapshotted the PTR patch.

    The mana cost change was one change. The other change is buffing the damage of Firebats. The mana change made this PTR patch, the damage change did not. Look for it in the next PTR patch after this one.

    I've also seen a few post reporting that the mana cost for Firebats doesn't seem to have changed correctly, but the tooltip did. We're investigating this, and hope to have it worked out before the next PTR build. If you ever come across inconsistencies like this while playing on the PTR, but sure to post in the PTR Bug Report forum so we can take a look:
  • 04/16/2013 12:35 PMPosted by Josef
    Are you also investigating the similar problems with other skills, rapid fire in particular?

    We're working on testing all the class changes currently intended for patch 1.0.8, and that includes Rapid Fire for Demon Hunters. You can find the class changes in the patch notes, and if you've noticed any bugs with those changes you can report them in the PTR Bug Report forum. We definitely appreciate the feedback!