Disintegrate, awsome! But.. Ray of Frost..?!

  • Now that Disintegrate becomes even more useful (I always use it as main attack for it's penetrating ability over mediocre-liquid-stream-of-singletargetness, aka Ray of Frost) where does that leave the poor ol' Ray of Frosties?

    With the new % to Dis, it will end up being higher baseline damage than Ray, Intensify rune will also make it a better single target option than Ray's Snow Blast.

    Nobody can justify the "but urr durr it slows for 60% on the target!" when it only hits ONE target, whereas Disintegrate melts the entire screen for even higher damage per tick, across all runes (in comparision)

    :( Hey, I won't complain, i'm only speaking my mind! I don't use Ray of Fail because it's.. single target. Diablo III does not favour such abilities so they need a massive reason ( = damage boost) in order to be picked over aoe/penetrating abilities. But buffing Disintegrate only weakens Ray of Frost. Doubt many use it atm, even less so in 1.0.8 for sure.

    Red lazers > blue flashlight. :D

    Don't even start the "Cold blooded 20% dmg yadda" We all use blizzard unless we're a CM wiz, so it's always present, that there slow/snare. Goodbye forever Ray of Frigidity. ^^
  • Good discussion!

    I should mention that PTR builds are snapshotted off our current "work in progress" and sometimes picks up some changes and not others. In this case, the Disintegrate change was picked up, but the Ray of Frost change was not. Ray of Frost got a comparable damage buff as well, which will be seen in the next PTR build (along with the Witch Doctor Firebats damage numbers)
  • There are no plans to buff the proc coefficient on Ray of Frost or Disintegrate. I understand that means they won't replace existing skills that are used to combo with Critical Mass. We aren't trying to compete for synergy with Critical Mass but rather to create the possibility of playing in an entirely different way.