The identify all feature - Do you like it?

  • Coming from D2 the identify all function was great.

    You click Cain and bang instantly all your stuff is identified.
    You click an Id scroll bang. Your item is identified instantly.

    So I'm playing on the PTR and I decided to try the new ID function out.

    In the back of my mind I'm like cool finally something to help cut down on time wasted identifying stuff. I can simply have all my stuff identified in just a second, sell it and get back to the action.

    So I click the id tome near the stash. Then suddenly this cool down timer appeared and I had to wait roughly 8 to 10 seconds for my items to be identified. If you accidently walk away from the tomb while Identifying items you have to start over again.

    So again in the back of my mind I'm thinking "HUH????".

    Don't get me wrong I'm glad the feature is there but why do we have to wait 8 to 10 seconds. Why not just simply click the tomb and bang!!! Instantly all your items are identified.

    I find that the added time simply takes me out of the action even further. Especially if you're in a group where every second counts.

    I wasn't expecting this at all. I'm not sure if anyone feels the same way but I would rather have an Id all feature that doesn't have some kind of cool down timer. Just walk up to it. Click it and bang. All your items instantly identified.
  • Just wanted to jump in and say "thanks!" for the ongoing discussion regarding Identify All. Hearing from multiple different perspectives and about multiple different experiences with the feature is great.

    Keep it up! This is only the first week of the PTR, so right now we're spending a lot of time listening to what players have to say about the new content. We have additional PTR patches planned (no ETA, sorry guys!), so there definitely are opportunities for us to make adjustments based on your feedback.