Co-Op Minimap Icons

  • The icons for co-op play are too understated and subtle. You don't really notice the crossed axes when a party member starts fighting, and the chat notification "You have engaged X" was far more useful than the tiny red dot a party member gets when fighting elites.

    I was expecting a large,noticeable map ping akin to legendary drops, or even monster icons like that of bosses while the elites are in visual range of a party member.
  • Got it, thanks! Is it just the mini-map icon that's hard to see (i.e. were the other combat indicators okay)?
  • 04/09/2013 11:03 PMPosted by kukabuka
    I would like it if you removed the star for legendaries dropping. It's not fun to troll friends with 5 frostburns in a row anymore since they know its not dropped by a monster

    I believe the star should only appear when it's been dropped by a monster, not a player. If it's behaving differently, then that's probably a bug.
  • By the way, thanks for the feedback, folks! I'll make sure it gets to the right people.
  • i think the X has engaged Y ... should be in different colour to help it stand out

    red maybe?

    Following up on this one: we agree and are already looking into other possible color options.

    04/09/2013 11:19 PMPosted by OTWA
    I find the indicator (one above the banner) way too plain. A border or a design framing it might make it fit in better. At first I actually thought the terrain design was bugged.

    The banner icon is using placeholder art at the moment. Wait until the next PTR build goes live and then let me know what you think. :)