Neph Stacks Are Now Multiplicative?

  • I'm on the PTR right now and every neph stack is going to the multiplier and not the base bonus experience.

    Was this intended?

    If it was, awesome update. Now it's actually worth it to stack up to experience farm in higher MP levels.

    EDIT: Having over 1100% bonus experience makes farming experience in MP10 fun.
  • 04/09/2013 12:33 AMPosted by Traz
    Was this intended?

    Confirmed: intentional!

    We know a lot of players were doing runs where they'd play high MP and skip Elites. That's still an option, but we wanted to make Elites more enticing. This seemed like the best way to do it that worked across all MP levels. Let us know what you think/how it feels!

    (Also, moving your post to the PTR feedback forum.)
  • 2. This may widen the gap between DH and other classes in terms of high MP efficiency, barring adjustments to DH (purely where it concerns those still under 100 paragon, of course).

    Can't speak to this off-hand, but I'll definitely pass it on to the dev team tomorrow when I get back in the office.

    Edit: Late night typos. Blergh.
  • Scorpion exp was nerfed because it was a heavily imbalanced way to farm experience. It became THE way to farm paragon levels, and if you weren't then you were doing it wrong.

    To build off that, here's what Wyatt had to say earlier in response to the nerf:

    Scorpions have had their XP reduced. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. We looked and considered buffing everything else instead, but in light of the multiplayer buffs we were already providing, we didn't want to inflate the game as a whole even further.
    Specifically, Scorpions have had their XP reduced by 75%. That probably sounds like a lot at an emotional level, because it's never fun to have a source of XP reduced by that much, but I hope some can agree if you think about it - a mallet lord is worth 1.5x the xp a scorpion is. And that's not just mallet lords, most of the monsters in the game are within a certain reasonable ratio of one another and the scorpions were a very obvious outlier.
  • 04/09/2013 05:01 PMPosted by randallross
    so this is only multiplayer or single as well?

    Both. There are just additional bonuses in multiplayer that it can stack with. Simple calculation is: [ 100%(base) + bonus from MP + helm ruby + ring] * [1 + Up to 0.75 from NV + Up to 0.30 for multiplayer]

    There's a lot of good discussion over on /r/diablo as well: