It is not worth making the new recipes.

  • I'm just using the gloves for example, but I assure you all recipes have a high cost for an extremely low chance of being usable.

    New crafted gloves:
    50 Exquisite essences = 75,000+g (salvaging items you could have vendored is still a cost)5 Tomes of secrets = free, easy to get many.1 Demonic Essence = Free and easy to get lots of extras.25,000g= 100,000g for an extreme gamble for something that only has a chance to be usable.

    I was originally excited about the new Demonic Essence reward system but I thought they would only require X amount of Demonic Essences. It would be an added bonus for people who play the game more Instead of buying everything on the AH.

    Now that the new recipes have a high cost to make them they simply are not worth the gamble. I made about 80 of the new recipes on the PTR and none of them are above average.

    You can spend millions and millions of gold on crafting ingrediants and end up with many items that are not any better than what you find on the ground for free.

    Please Devs, I beg you to revise the crafting recipes. As it stands now, the demonic essences will pile up not being used or simply not picked up at all.
  • We've been keeping an eye on feedback regarding the resource cost for these new recipes, and making adjustments is certainly still on the table. Posting your results for those of you that have done some testing with the new recipes is helpful, so we encourage you to do so.

    Thank you all for your feedback while we are doing this PTR testing, we have been working to ensure your thoughts and concerns are finding their way to the developers so keep it up!