[PVP] First Impressions

  • Now that I've rolled a few hours in the PTR with my barb(low-average gear) I feel like sharing my impressions here. I know a few hours are by far not enough to judge anything but ive experienced a few issues that ive seen coming since Diablo 3 was released.

    As it was to be expected, there is no such thing as balance into it, nor is it intended and as im STILL a passionate D2 pvper i have no problem with that generally.

    However i noticed two general major problems, that in my eyes could be fixed easily and lead to a much funnier and much more satisfying pvp experience :

    - Extremely high damage variance : having about 50% crit chance and lets say 400 crit damage makes your attack a 50/50 gamble if you barely scratch your foe or eventually 1 shot him. This effect leads to (in my opinion far too) high randomness.

    Suggestions -> : Despite the opinions of many others i think a flat % damage reduction would not quite help here. You'd still have this huge variance (100% dmg or 500% damage, toss a coin). I think there should be either a capping of Critdmg/Critchance (i.e. 25% chc/200%chd) or even better : diminishing returns (i.e. after 100% crit dmg a 50% diminishing return so that you'd actually need 300% crit dmg on items to reach 200% effective crit dmg and so on) . This would also reduce the (atm) totally dominant position of Chc/Chd on items and make more space for modifiers like attack speed and thus make different builds more viable in pvp.

    - Directly from PvE transfered CrowdControl mechanics : All the sweet CC's which have been balanced to be usable against dozens of mobs at the same time seem to be applied identically in a 1on1 which makes them far too dominant and even enables you to permastun ur foe with certain abilities (weapon throw). Or well.. at least i didnt like to be hex'd into a pig for 5 seconds just to find myself getting permastunned into the respawn timer by weapon throw right afterwards.

    -> : I think this (in my eyes HUGE problem) could be easily adressed by simply reducing the CC durations in pvp by a flat percentage

    So far so good... oh and excuse my poor english

  • Appreciate this, thanks! I've been seeing a lot of great (i.e. super constructive and detailed) dueling feedback today -- keep it up. :)