Question to Blues about HC PvP

  • An except from Lylirra:

    Dueling isn't intended to be balanced, though, so don't expect a fair fight. That's not what dueling is about. There will probably be some match-ups in which you're one-shotted (this is a big reason why we have no permanent Hardcore deaths at the moment). There will also probably be some match-ups in which you one-shot other players. Your heroes are designed to kill things quickly and without mercy, and in this case those "things" just happen to be other heroes.

    I picked up on the line "no permanent Hardcore deaths at the moment". Is perma-death or at least a perma death option in the feature-plan for a future patch?

    Based on all of the complaining I see from the SC community, I can understand why perma-death is not available - an endless wave of complaining HC players on being 1-shotted would ensure. But as the community acclimates to dueling, will this feature be provided?

    One of my greatest motivations to play D2, aside from wealth acquisiton and ladder climbing was to try and permanently kill other peoples characters.
  • Don't read into that too much. We always tend to ground statements in a particular moment in time. :)

    We currently have no plans to allow permanent death for Hardcore characters in the dueling world. That said, we're not really keen on the word "never," and we may make changes depending on player feedback and what we feel would provide the best user experience (something which can change as the game evolves).