Top 3 things to change

  • Just my opinion, feel free to agree/troll/spam w/e.

    In order of importance:

    1.) Gems - Even to the rich or AH flipper, 20 million gold + 3 radiant stars is a Huge chunk of money. The stats that you get from the upgrade is barely noticeable in comparison. +4 to stat is not worth much.

    The best one I think is the 10% crit chance for weapon and even that is barely worth that huge increase. My 2cents is to either reduce cost to more like 5 mill or increase the stats. My personal vote is for increasing stats to about 2x-3x

    EX. Each upgrade of emerald increase cd by 10% in weapon, and +4 stats in armors, while amethyst in helm increase life% by 1%

    For a gem that costs millions and millions of gold there should be more benefit such as 20%-30% extra cd +8-12 stats and +2%-3% life and so on.

    2.) Reflects Damage - If i am completely standing still with notthing else going on i can see the animation that looks like a lot of swords comming out but thats it. With d3 and all the stuff going on with mobs and mobs of monsters + char skills + multiplayer games with even more char skills you cant see the animation at all.

    I play atm primarily a monk with cyclones. With all those cyclones and mobs of monsters i cant see anything of the reflects damage. However in comparison if i come across elites with shielding, I can tell every single time shielding comes on.

    My suggestion would be to either make reflects damage a red colored shield, or make the swords come up above their heads or something like a shrine would on your character.

    3.) Demonic Essence - Very simply color change please. Demonic esscence is a very unique type of material and in my opinion should have a unique color. I pick up rares still, so PERSONALLY it doesnt matter to much to me but it would be nice to have a different color like red or green or something.
  • Thanks for the feedback! (I have a feeling I'm going to be saying this a lot, but I mean it. Your posts are super appreciated.)