PTR Character Copy Issues

  • We're currently looking into an issue affecting the PTR character copy system. While we don't have an ETA for when copies will be available again, we hope to have the system up and running as soon as possible.
  • We believe we may have fixed the issue. If you're still experiencing issues copying characters, please let us know so we can continue to troubleshoot.
  • If you are still experiencing issues copying characters over to the PTR, let us know the following:

      When the issue occurs (e.g. when you click the "Copy to PTR" button, after you are disconnected and log back in, when you try to use your copied characters, etc).What error messages, if any, you are receiving.

    Please note that the PTR copy system for Diablo III works by using snapshots of your character, which means that the versions that get copied over may not be as recent as your characters in the live game.

    One more thing to keep in mind that the character copy system uses "snapshots" of your characters to copy over the data from your Diablo III account to your PTR account. At the moment, snapshots are taken once every 24 hours, so if you make some changes to your characters (i.e. buy or sell items) right before you copy them to the PTR, those changes may not get transferred over.

    This is pretty standard, so if you buy a piece of gear that you really love and want to test it out on the PTR, you may want to wait a little bit before you copy your characters over.

    More info here:

    If you're experiencing issues unrelated to copying characters, I'm going to ask that you please do not post them in this thread. Feel free to create a new thread, or find an existing topic that's related to your issue and post in there. Thanks!
  • 10/11/2012 09:36 PMPosted by FatPower72
    i proceeded and then i played for a bit and i got off to return to the regular server to tell a few friends that still play about what happen and i look in my stash and half of my gold was gone.i know its just a game, but blizzard you guys are a butch of complete retards and idiots.

    Are you referring to your gold on the PTR or in the live game? If you're referring to the amount of gold you have on the PTR, this may be due to the fact that the PTR doesn't always copy over the most recent version of your characters. So, it's possible that your gold amount may be lower (or even higher, depending) on the PTR than it is in the live game.

    If you're referring to the amount of gold you have on the live game, then something's up. It's not currently possible for your participation on the PTR to affect your characters' inventory in the live game. Neither logging in to the PTR or copying characters over to it would have removed gold from your stash.

    If gold is missing, you may have spent it mistakenly and simply don't remember, or it's possible that another person may have accessed your account without your permission. If you feel it might be the latter, it's best to contact Customer Support so that they can investigate:
  • its feel like blizz plan is to copy ours hero into 1.05 instead of inserting 1.05 to the game........

    why put this much effort in that issue.....

    hmm .......... this going to be longer then we anticipated will update SOON !

    This is just how PTRs work. Character copies are a big part of PTR testing, so we put a lot of support behind it. :)