Bring back demon hunters nether tentacles.

  • Back in the day i loved exploring all diffrent builds for my dh i loved the nether tentacle rune yes it was considered very good and people complained then because no one could do such damage.

    now you have barbs who are impossible to die who can do so many crits with whirlwind its unbelievable and they can choose to tank its up to them.

    wizards can freeze mobs then crit them until dead so they can move.

    witch doctors can stack ias and crit and do the most dps and also use pets ect to tank.

    monks are very good if they have the right gear they can facepalm every mob in inferno in 1 touch and there getting buffed soon.

    demon hunters got there ias nerf, shadow power nerf, nether tentacles nerf, almost natalyas legacy set disc regen nerf, gloom nerf, and they we are pretty much glass cannons so i dont understand you have took all the fun away from us i am very bored myself playing diablo now but if i could use nether tentacles i would feel so badass like other classes have good skills and abilities like barbs and monks also take %30 less damage.

    elemental arrow even states it hits every enemy it passes through yet you nerfed nether tentacles to being useless i think its time you brought it back aswell as some other buffs for us because at the moment we are shooting so slow dying from a few hits running out of disc being told to use sentrys which arent populour we dont care about them much sorry.

    i think it will be a good move and fair and will make alot of people happy even if you change it to being more effective so it is actually useable then i geuss thats fine but demon hunters are supposed to do alot of damage and the %3 life steal its just a little helping hand for being 3 shotted by every mob.

    i hope you give feedback on why u nerfed it so much and would possibly look into the problem.
  • This isn't a bug. Moving this to PTR Feedback Forums.