Still getting Error 300007

  • Still can't seem to log in to the PTR.

    I have tried changing languages.
    I have tried making sure I have enough available character slots.
    I have tried allowing my programs through my firewall.
    I have run all programs as administrator.

    Unfortunately I am still getting the same error (Error 300007 "There was an error during game account Log-on.").

    Does anyone know what the error code means, or what I could do to fix the issue with the error, as it is preventing me from even passing the name/password screen.
  • Looking into this. Thank you!
  • We recently implemented a fix that should have corrected this issue. If you're able to log in and test this for us, that would be greatly appreciated. :)
  • Thank you so much for your patience (or, at the very least, for your continued reports). We've made some more changes are on our end to help with the 11 character issue, and we'd like to know if it's made any improvement. If you're still receiving ERROR 300007 when logging in, let us know -- please just make sure that you exit the client and relog first.
  • Thanks guys (and gals). Forwarding this information on to our engineers.