[Fetish Sycophants] feedback - Please Read

  • First of all, I am VERY HAPPY that you actually look into Fetish. I love having those little guys following me but there is some design problem and I hope you can consider some ideas.

    1. People used to use Fetish Sycophants in 1.03 inferno because Dogs were dying too quick and monsters were hitting very hard and glass-cannon WDs were using Fetish to "distract". The distraction bought them time to kill at long-range with Poison Dart.

    2. Ever since 1.04 hits, the usage of Fetish Sycophants has dropped greatly because Dogs can handle tanking way better than Fetish and you don't need to "proc" them.

    The buff from 3% to 5% gives me on average 1-2 more within 30-45s. At one point, I had like 7 of them when I test the build. This is all well until I face an elite pack! As far as I know, Fetish has no health but they can take several hits before dying. The problem is the the DoT damage on the ground that hits several times and that wipes out Fetish so quick. This makes Fetish not very good against the toughest situation and they also don't deal good damage against Trash enemies because of that "hit and run" mentality.

    To sum it up: Problems
    1. Fetish isn't useful against Elite/Champion with DoT damage on the ground, so even if you have 10 of them, they are not going to help much. It is even worse when you use Fetish Army with 20s duration and Elite's Ice freeze them for several seconds. :( That is such a waste of their precious duration.

    2. Fetish doesn't do good DPS because of their AI. Their hit-and-run also sometimes makes monsters scatter around too much. They stab once and then run around.

    3. Dogs can tank better than Fetish so the use of Fetish is even less.

    4. If you replace Dog with Fetish for tanking, it is not reliable enough because 5% is still veryrandom and Dogs can attract aggro way better than Fetish.


    Fetish Sycophants Buff ideas:
    1. Please make Fetish immune to DoT damage on the ground. It is ok if they die from normal hits but dying to DoT just makes them useless against elite/champion. This applies to Fetish Army as well. Fetish already only has 60s duration. Ideally, I would like these little guys to be "Invincible" for 60s.

    2. I really like Head Hunter and Tiki Fetish but the two runes in Fetish Army only gives you two of them. It would be nice if Fetish Sycophants can proc Head Hunter and Tiki as well but at lower chance. I would take 3% Dagger-wielding and 2% Head Hunter and 2% Tiki.

    3. If proccing Head Hunter and Tiki is not an option, please increase Fetish's damage so when they stab, they really hurt. The current damage of 20% seems too low with their hit-and-run AI.

    4. If increasing their damage is not an option, please increase their duration to 90s. The only problem with more duration is that having too many of them only cause them to BLOCK each other's path. If it's in a narrow hallway, some Fetish are blocked and can't even stab.

    Fetish Army buff idea:
    1. Please give us more Head Hunter and Tiki in those two runes. Having just two of them feels so unsatisfying. I rather have less Dagger-wielding.

    2. Please create some kind of Synergy between Fetish Army and Fetish Sycophants.
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