To Lylirra

  • Hi. Since you're the one handling PTR Feedback, I thought I'd direct this to you.

    You're probably aware of the fact that most people still can't access PTR, myself included.
    We do realize that this is a test server and its bound to have problems. You took it down for the weekend saying your working to make it better.

    Yesterday at approximately 4:00 pm PDT, the server went live and a lot of people were expecting to try out 1.0.5. But lo and behold!

    Lost Connection: You have been disconnected from Services.
    Error 3005

    I was not expecting problems logging in. If there were any, I was expecting it through gameplay.
    Some people found solutions to this problem involving language selection. I have tried this multiple times but to no avail.
    Some people concluded that the problem lies within auto-joining General Chat. I wouldn't know for sure but it seems like it for some people.

    I'm excited about 1.0.5 and I'm looking forward to trying out PTR. The least you could do is tell us what's wrong and if you're working on solving the current issue.
    It's been almost 24 hours and not a single word from you.

  • We knew that when we brought up the PTR that players would probably still experience some issues with account creation, character creation, or login (or all three). Rather than keep the PTR offline, we wanted to make it available to the public so players could have the opportunity to test out the new content and decided to continue to work on any issues that were reported to us while the test server was up and running. It's definitely not ideal, but for the moment it's better than not having the PTR available at all.

    We're currently looking into a number of issues right now, including but not limited to Error 3005, missing "Create a PTR Account" buttons, and instant disconnects on loading or Retrieving Hero List. All the reports you guys have submitted are being directed right back to our team of engineers and developers who are working towards finding solid solutions. We've also been passing on the workarounds just in case they provide any additional insight.

    Unfortunately, we don't have any additional updates to share right now about the PTR's status or stability, but we'll providing new information as often as we can. In the meantime, if report what you can (or what you want) and we'll make sure those reports get where they need to go.
  • 09/25/2012 05:01 PMPosted by Yelyah
    A certain gentleman, Wanderer, has stated that the PTR server could only handle as much as 1500 people at once. Is this true? Did you really just provide a server for PTR only capable of handling a miniscule amount of players?

    No, that's not true. While the PTR has a lower capacity than the live game, it's designed to be somewhere around 20,000 concurrent players (not 1500).
  • 09/25/2012 06:20 PMPosted by Yelyah
    Looking forward to the log in issues getting fixed though. I hope it's soon.

    Us too! Thanks for understanding, and thanks for your reports. They really help us. :)