Please delete my threads

  • Oh mighty blizzard forum mods, delete all of my rant threads because I still can't log on and you insist on leaving your PTR up even though there's still issues <3
  • We've got about 1500+ players online right now, and that number is growing pretty steadily. Right now, we'd like to keep the PTR up to see what kinds of problems players are still experiencing and then troubleshoot from there. It provides us better data, and it also allows some players to jump on and start testing. It's not ideal, but we're not planning on going anywhere until the public test is stable for a much larger audience of players.
  • 09/24/2012 05:37 PMPosted by b0dyc0unt
    I want to know if we should stop wasting our time. We already gave you well over 48+ hours of our time and the issue is still not fixed.

    I'm not sure I can give you the answer you're looking for, but I'll give it a shot.

    We're currently working to get PTR login and character creation in a stable state so everyone who wants to log in can log in, but I don't have any time frame for when that might be. Our engineers are still troubleshooting the issues players are reporting, and we'll certainly continue to provide updates in the main status thread as they become available.

    In meantime, you can keep trying on your own for right now, or you can wait until the PTR is more stable (which may be tonight or tomorrow, depending on how successful our fixes are). At the moment, the number of players logged in to the PTR is growing at a pretty consistent rate, so that's pretty promising.

    09/24/2012 05:36 PMPosted by DENDOG
    this is BS people streaming on twitch get priority

    We haven't given priority to streamers. It's just possible that a lot people who want to play the PTR have streams, though, and they've just gotten lucky.
  • To be fair this means little. Even my mom has a twitch stream :)

    Your mom is officially cooler than my mom.