Question for Vasadan (legendary items)


    Is this supposed to be able to roll 170-200 Dex?

    Or is the game guide simply wrong, and it should always roll 90-100 Dex + 2 random affixes?

    Or can it roll 170-200 Dex + 2 random affixes?

    The first is what is happening on live right now.
  • I rolled one with +178 Dex here at work. I'll post it as soon as Imgur lets me.
  • +178 Dexterity
    +99 Intelligence (random)
    +71 Vitality (random)
    +11% Life
    Reduces resource cost of Chakram by 5 Hatred.
    3 empty sockets

    EDIT: 3 sockets wasn't random
  • 10/09/2012 03:03 PMPosted by Kegsta
    This is another thing that has me convinced they are bugged, if the game guide is pulling data from the game then the item designers obviously intended it to be able to roll these props (and without them the items are relatively weak compared to ones that can)

    The data the Game Guide is pulling is the stats and the number ranges. The "+2 Random Properties" is not a stat in-game. It is a list of affixes that can be rolled, set on each item.
  • 10/09/2012 03:51 PMPosted by Kegsta
    You are right, The affix "PrimaryAttribute_Str 16 Legendary" must be made available for selection by the random property then. (This is one of the affix that mempo is suppose to always roll.)

    I'm sorry for the confusion guys, I think I understand the miscommunication. I thought you meant 170-200 as a combined stat, not as THE 170-200 stat.

    According to our in-game data, this item is not supposed to pull the 170-200 affix before random affixes, meaning you will not be able to get over ~180 Dex on this item. However, this is listed in the game guide and on other online sites as you all have pointed out. I'm going to put a bug in for this specific affix not rolling on this item and see what our designers say. I am not sure what is intended here.
  • 10/09/2012 04:10 PMPosted by Jodd
    This also goes for the Natalya's Embrace. It can roll 170 Dex combined, but it cannot roll the 170-200 Dex affix before the random affixes. The Immortal King Irons however, can do this. This also happens with many other set items.

    I was referring to Natalya's Embrace, not Mempo of Twilight.