The Final Word on Mempo (Clarification Plz!)

  • Here we have the OFFICIAL game guide link for Mempo of twilight for 1.04 (iLvl 63) :

    Note this information, which is a fixed roll for one of those three stats:

    One of 3 Magic Properties (varies)
    +170-200 Intelligence
    +170-200 Dexterity
    +170-200 Strength

    Here we have a link to Diabloprogress of a mempo of twilight that has NONE of those properties. .

    Also note that this particular Mempo has 5 properties. Also note that the properties that are fixed are the lowest possible for Life % and Attack Speed and the highest for resistance....meaning none of the other property rolls were one of those as it would have increased those ranges.

    Now we have another Mempo that clearly rolled the 170 on int and then an int / vit combo:

    So here is the questions:

    1) Ignoring the game guide is Mempo SUPPOSED TO per the game roll 170 - 200 for those stats that are listed on the game guide.

    2) If it is, then I've linked you at least one bugged version and you can clearly find more by searching the 1.04 AH

    3) If it isn't then the game guide is out of date and needs to be updated: HOWEVER it was mentioned by Vas that the errors were confined to the + affixs, this is not a +affix error but rather a fixed roll that appears to not show SOMETIMES! on this item.

    Clarification would be greatly appreciated
  • 10/09/2012 02:27 PMPosted by Kirtswall
    One minute they say nothing is wrong, then oh yeah Jodd you are right and then suddenly nothing wrong again. Seems odd we're never seeing these items in-game even if they can seem to roll them on there magic item generator.

    I said that I will upload pics as soon as Imgur lets me. Since Legendary items have value, I take all bug reports of them very seriously. Jodd asked if I could look at Mempo again and I did. I said I was wrong when I told him he was looking at the pre-1.0.3 legendary Mempo.
  • @Vasadan If you can roll items on the PTR, roll one of the inna's favor/teperance/inquisitors who think is fine and put it on the AH for 2 billion no buy out. I'll take a screenshot and upload it for you.

    I'm not going to do that :)
  • @Vasadan

    Can you please provide a definite answer?

    Is Mempo SUPPOSED to roll one of those three attribute ALWAYS? just a simple yes or no, if your answer is YES, then I have provided you a link to a mempo which refutes that claim.

    If the answer is NO, then can you please tell us what it is supposed to roll.

    Many thanks


    Yes. It will always have either Str, Dex or Int.
  • Hey guys, I did some more testing in the PTR build. I spawned in 30 Mempos. All 30 had above 170 of a Primary Stat. Three of them had well over 200 of a Primary Stat.

    As of right now this is working as intended in 1.0.5. I do not know what to say about the 1.0.4 Mempos other than that all new Mempos dropped in 1.0.5 should be in line with the stats I am showing you above. 1.0.4 Mempos rolled correctly when we tested them for 1.0.4 and these 1.0.5 Mempos are rolling as expected. There was no bug logged between these times nor a documented game change.

    I am going to put in a bug to see what the developers say regarding Mempos of Twilight not being able to roll 200 of a Primary Stat as a single affix. We'll see what they say.

    I truly appreciate your patience with this. It is hard to have a conversation with people over a forum.

    EDIT: Got one with over 200 DEX.
  • @ Vasadan

    You are still missing one affix in the PTR testing...

    The Game Guide is wrong.
  • One small note. Look at the 1.05 PTR AH. There a total of 5 Mempo's listed on the NA PTR. EVERY SINGLE ONE has below the 170 main stat. One of them has ZERO Main stats.


    This is from build .

    Are you running these on this build? Or is there a higher Internal RC? which you and your team are testing on. Just to reiterate on the current PTR THIS IS NOT FIXED!


    Hi Matthew,

    The PTR does not have nearly as many players on it as the retail client, and as such, you should not expect to be able to deduce any sort of evidence from any amount of items on the PTR AH (or lack thereof). To your second question, yes, we also have internal client build numbers that are newer than the current PTR build, and yes, Vasadan and his team are also testing on those. Their results have been consistent with what he has been reporting on this forum throughout the day.

    Thank you for the reports.