Omg mods!!

  • How lame, you ask for one bug per thread and so now the person spent their time collating all the info you need, has to make one thread for every bug?

    Seriously, I have come across some really lame things in my time, but that has to be one of the most pedantic things I have ever seen.

    Don't moan when players spend THEIR own time, to do your job for you.

    Seriously, i can't believe that someone's thread had that crap posted.

    They deserve an apology!!

    Having a bad day are we?

    Don't take it out on the players!!!

    Lock this by all means, the bigger person would admit when they are in the wrong!
  • Hi guys,

    ya i know the one you mean.
    the one post vasadan decides to finally post on the topic and its not even to address the issue. its to lock the thread because he didnt even read it. it was one bug tbh.

    I use the one bug per thread rule because I need to track the number of threads as related to the number of bugs. One thread with 30 items being reported will count as one bug, and I need it to count for 30 for example.

    A single item not rolling affixes correctly needs to be treated as a separate bug for each item. There's no "general bug" causing legendary items not rolling correct affixes. Each is coded individually.
  • Thanks for the feedback guys. In the future, continue posting one bug per thread now that you know the rule :)