Top 5 gaming moments

  • So what are your most memorable moments in gaming?

    Here’s mine:

    1 - The Butcher in D1! I will never forget hearing “fresh Meat” for the first time and finding my wiz had nowhere to run....

    2 - Descent 2 – The first time I killed a RL friend in H2H combat!

    3 - War 2 – The sheer pleasure of demolishing a friend’s base with a pack of 4 bloodlusted ogres!

    4 – Ultima Online – The satisfaction of achieving “Glorious Lord” for the first time .....

    5 – Quake – Multiplayer using Glide (3DFX) ... it was pure eye candy ...
  • 1 – Watching Sub Zero teach me what a Fatality is in Mortal Kombat

    2 – Punching out Vivec in nothing but beggar clothes and a rusty dagger as my only back up in Morrowind

    3 – Running into the flood for the first time in Halo

    4- The panic I felt in the original Diablo when my health dropped to a sliver in one hit from the Butcher

    5 – This one is a hard choice. Either Force Pulling whoever just Force Pushed me off a chasm so that we both fall to our doom in Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight or using Force Choke to hold someone in the charge up beam in the Death Star.