Ahh, the memories

  • You remember your first "real" computer? I'm not talking the old c64s and such. For me it was an overpriced piece of crap from a mom and pop store. Think it had something like

    25 meg processor
    2 megs of ram
    117 meg hd
    Didn't come with a modem, so I bought a 2,400 baud external hayes to go with it.

    Also remember when I got my first 14.4k modem, and the phone lines around my house only supported 9,600 (lived out in the country then). I called the phone company and they said their lines supported 14.4k speeds, but the line ended about 2 miles from my house, and that if I wanted to upgrade my lines, I had to pay for line an labor for 2 miles (lolwut), so....I trucked along at 9,600 for a long time)

    Remember the old games? Wolfenstein, D&D Gold box series, Duke Nukem, just to name a few. When I got married my wife had a 66 meg processor, and I thought that was just leet lol. I started playing even better games like Vampire the Masquerade, Betrayel at Krondor, and The 7th Guest. Anyways, what's the point of this post? Absolutely nothing lol.
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  • I remember my first “real” computer. Played Diablo I beautifully while my mage ran around with his Archangel staff of Apocalypse.

    Pentium 90Windows 954x-Speed CD room drives (back when it was a big deal)16MB of RamSoundblaster AWE3214400 BPS modemAn ISP that charged by the hour