This board would call Max Schaeffer a fanboy.

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    An interview with one of the original founders of Blizzard North (the team that developed D1 and D2), on the topic of D3 and Torchlight 2:

    I find it truly ironic that one of co-founders of the company responsible for what is made out as the holy grail of gaming by the haters of this board, Diablo 2, has some things to say about Diablo 3 that would get him mobbed instantly by the circle jerk on this board and have him labeled as a "fanboy" immediately.

    This is especially amusing in light of the fact that many of these very same people are the ones saying that Torchlight 2 will be the "true" successor to the Diablo series.

    Some relevant gems in the interview pertaining to this:

    Did Runic take anything away from the launch of Diablo 3?
    Not really, I mean we all played it! [laughs] It’s totally predicable what happened on their launch. It happened to Diablo 2, it happened to World of Warcraft and it happened to Starcraft. You cannot test and prepare for that many millions of people pounding on your stuff on day one. It didn’t surprise us at all. We just figured we’d wait a couple days and it will all blow over. Once they get things running smoothly, no one will ever remember they had a rocky start.

    How do you feel Blizzard has handled Diablo 3 overall? To be more specific, how do you feel about the release of a sequel to something that required your unique talents to build?
    Wow, you know, it’s weird, I’m not going to lie. It’s kind of cool! First of all I’m thrilled it do not suck. They did a good job and it does the franchise justice, so that’s a big relief. I’m kind of glad they did it, and we didn’t have to do it. Mainly because its impossible to beat the expectations of the people who were anticipating a Diablo sequel.

    In regards to the actual video game, what do you think of Diablo 3? Do you like the new skill system? The story? What classes do you enjoy playing?
    All the classes are pretty fun. I like the way they tell the story, it doesn’t feel tacked on like we always did with the original Diablos. It shows they actually thought about it.

    The entire interview is really good, and I'm not going to repost the whole thing here.
  • <3 Max. I had the privilege of showing off Diablo III at PAXEast next to Max who was of course showing off Torchlight 2. I spent most of the time trying to not to geek out (and kicking myself for not thinking to bring my unopened D2 CE for him to sign), and he was just extremely humble and a pleasure to talk to. I couldn't wish any more for his, Runic's, and Torchlight 2's success with their launch, and I know they'll have it.
  • Never mind. I don't want to be tied to this disappointing conversation any more than I am. You make me sad. We're playing video games for crying out loud.