Diablo 3.app always launches D3 Launcher!

  • Hi,

    Can anyone help me find a solution to this:

    When I click Diablo III.app (on my Mac Dock), it always open up the Diablo III Launcher.app then I have to click PLAY to play the game. So currently I will have the Diablo III.app and Diablo III Launcher.app open just to play D3.

    So basically the Diablo III.app is the Diablo III Launcher.app, which makes no sense at all.

    I tried this for a temporary fix:
    Open Terminal and type:
    open "/Applications/Diablo III/Diablo III.app" --args -launch

    When I do this, it works, but I have to keep typing that in the terminal, which gets annoying. It doesn't fix the Diablo III.app at all.

    My question: Is there a way when I click the Diablo III.app on my dock, it will go straight to the login page (bypass the launcher)???

    Hopefully that makes sense, thanks for the help.
  • MysticalOS is correct, this is working as intended. Is there a specific reason why you do not want it to launch?